Maximizing the Benefits of School Holiday Shops for Students

school-holiday-shopsWhen you decide to launch holiday shopping programs at your local school, it immediately becomes a win-win situation for everyone involved. The students get a great opportunity to purchase high quality gifts at an affordable price for friends and family. At Fun Services, our Santa’s Secret Shop® and The Holiday Gift Shop® programs are available to students at the school, providing students with a safe and comfortable environment to shop for the holidays.

School holiday shops can also be an educational experience. Teachers can use this as a teaching opportunity to talk about saving money, budgeting for holiday gifts and applying basic math principles of addition and subtraction for adding up totals and making change. The fundraising aspect of Santa’s Secret Shop® and The Holiday Gift Shop® can help schools to achieve their financial goals, purchasing books, playground equipment or funding trips.

Tip #1 – Book your Holiday Gift Shop Early
It is always a good idea to book holiday shopping programs as soon as possible. Not only will you be able to ensure that everyone is able to get started with the planning early to properly promote it to the students and parents, but there are also early sign-up bonuses. Santa’s Secret Shop® and The Holiday Gift Shop® offer a sign-up bonus for new clients who register for the program early, as well as additional incentives for clients who worked with Fun Services in previous years.

Tip #2 – Choose a Strategic Location
Make sure to work with your planning committee to come up with a great place for your school holiday shops. You will want to have enough room for the children to be able to view the items easily. A small location with just a couple of tables will not be a big seller. At minimum, you will need five of the longer portable tables with enough space for children to move around and take a look at the gifts that are available. Consider breaking up the classrooms into smaller groups to ensure that children aren’t pushed through the Santa’s Secret Shop® and The Holiday Gift Shop® too quickly, so they will have the opportunity to think about what they want to purchase.

Tip #3 – Work as a Team
Speaking of your “planning committee,” you will need one, or at least a group of teacher and staff volunteers, to help you pull this off. Do not try to go this alone. Parent-Teacher groups will often get volunteers to help with planning, set-up and ultimately execution of the holiday shopping programs, so nothing will get overlooked and that there will be enough adults to man the space on shopping day.

Tip #4 – Promote in Advance
Another benefit of signing up for the Santa’s Secret Shop® and The Holiday Gift Shop® programs early is that you can begin promoting the event to your students, teachers and parents early as well. Here are some ways that you can promote this event at school:

  • mention the Santa’s Secret Shop® and The Holiday Gift Shop® at the Parent-Teacher organization at the beginning of the school year when you ask for volunteers, and again a few weeks before the school holiday shops will occur
  • send home a flyer to parents, alerting them of the Santa’s Secret Shop® and The Holiday Gift Shop® programs and the dates that they will be there – give at least a month’s advance warning, include “budget envelopes” for the children
  • send home a more specific flyer to parents about a week or two prior to the holiday shopping programs that tells them the exact time and date that their child will be attending the Santa’s Secret Shop® and The Holiday Gift Shop®
  • post signs and notices around the school reminding the children that the holiday shopping programs will be at their school very soon
  • include notices for parents in parent visiting areas, on the local school website, in the school newsletters that go out, as well as any other correspondence

Tip #5 – Make Sure You Understand
If you aren’t clear about any of the set up, pricing and inventory jobs that need to be done prior to the sale and throughout the Santa’s Secret Shop® and The Holiday Gift Shop® programs, make sure to speak with your representative. Our goal is to help you create a FUN and exciting learning experience for you students that will help you to achieve your fundraising goals. We are here to help, so make sure to give us a call at any time during the planning and the ultimate set up of your school holiday shops if need anything.

Start Planning Your Holiday Shopping Programs Today
Your cause is very important to us at Fun Services. Our primary mission is to provide you with all of the tools and support you need to host successful fundraiser events. Give us a call at 1-800-333-2434 or visit our website to use our State Selector tool and find a local owner and operator affiliate in your area.

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