Programs Overview

Since 1968, Fun Services has set the standard for turning a basic fundraising drive for civic, business, educational and community organizations into extraordinary, top performing events. All of the programs that are offered by Fun Services have been designed with these organizations in mind, to help them in the area of fundraising and event coordination. While are a national company, we are also very local, due to the commitment by our locally-owned and operated affiliates to maintain the same time-honored mission.

Santa’s Secret Shop® & The Holiday Gift Shop®

For over 45 years, we have provided industry leading holiday shopping programs to schools across the country. As America’s longest running gift shop provider, we have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience that has enabled us to offer a very professional and polished presentation to our customers.

The Fun Fairs® Program

Groups can also raise money through our flagship Fun Fairs® program, which provides carnival style games, prizes and an all-around fun atmosphere to everyone in attendance. Our Fun Fairs program is a fun and exciting way to bring the community together to support your organization or group. With over 45 years of experience behind us, you can count on our popular Fun Fairs® to help you achieve your goals.

At Fun Services, your cause is very important to us. Providing you with the tools you need to host a successful fundraiser is our primary mission. Some of the fundraising drives that we have supported over the years include: youth groups, church groups, civic organizations, music programs, sports programs, school field trips, infrastructure improvements and more.

Fun Services Fundraising

Fun Services works hard to ensure that your fundraiser is a success. We will be there from you from start to finish to ensure that you have everything you need to reach your goal. You set the goal and choose the method for your fundraising event and we will help to facilitate your requests. Over the years, we have learned that FUN is the key to success with any fundraiser, so we will also work hard to employ new ways to support and inspire you and your team along the way!

Corporate Events

All of our packages include various amusements. We can provide a wide range of entertainment options, according to your specific needs and interests, from Interactive Inflatables to Mechanical Rides, Carnival Games to Giant Slides, and much more. Whether you want a classic All-American carnival outing or something more specific, like live rock bands, face painters or acrobats, we can help you turn an ordinary fundraiser into an extraordinary, unforgettable event!

To contact us for more information about our programs and/or offerings please locate your local office using the State selector in the sidebar.