Successful Fundraiser Events: Get to Know Your Target Market

fundraiser-eventsThe best way to achieve you goals and create successful fundraiser events that will help you to achieve your goals, is to learn as much as you can about your target market. Your target market is the group of people that you will be gearing your fundraising programs to in order to raise money for your civic, business or community organization. Once you gain an understanding of what will motivate your target market to attend your fundraising opportunities and donate to your cause, planning a fundraiser will be so much simpler.

Motivating the Attendees
There are many different types of fundraising programs that you can employ to help your corporation or non-profit organization reach its financial goals. Charity organizations and events should make the actual fundraising part of the planning be a priority. Working with an organization that has many years of knowledge and experience in planning and providing services for successful fundraiser events will help.

A recent study outlined the top 10 reasons why people participate in fundraising opportunities. The responses from these individuals might be surprising, but they can also be a source of encouragement that can be used when planning a fundraiser in the future.

The top 10 motivations for participating in a fundraiser include:

  • to feel good about supporting the cause or organization
  • to take part in a particular event within the fundraiser
  • to financially and personally support a specific cause
  • to donate or support the cause in memory of someone important
  • to donate or support the cause on behalf of a particular person
  • to support a specific charity or group
  • to participate in a corporate or group activity
  • to donate or support a local charity or organization
  • to participate as part of one’s faith or religion
  • to learn more about fundraising programs for a future event

Working With a Successful Service
If you are new to planning a fundraiser or would like to work with a professional team that has a proven track record for creating unique and successful fundraiser events, look no further than Fun Services. For over 45 years, Fun Services has provided charities, community organizations and other groups with the tools they need to create fundraising programs that get results.

Fun Services Fundraising opportunities offers effective and time-tested programs that are designed to meet your specific needs. Since 1968, Fun Services has provided organizations like yours with the best practice options and tools you need to reach your goals in an effective and efficient manner.

Over the years we have worked with schools, sports programs, music programs, youth groups, civic organizations and church groups, as well as many other types of charitable and community organizations, providing us with the knowledge and experience to help you create your own success. A wide variety of fundraising programs are available across the country, including fun food sales, magazine sales, catalog shoppers, discount cards and more.

Setting Goals for Fundraising Programs
Part of planning a fundraiser is setting goals for your fundraising opportunities. While most groups start out with the primary goal of raising money to do an activity, fund a program or support the group in some way, shape or form, they quickly realize that there are other benefits as well. When setting goals, make sure to think about all the advantages associated with hosting successful fundraiser events.

Some of the other benefits that our customers get from planning a fundraiser include:

  • attracting a whole new audience apart from the group that normally comes out to support your fundraising events
  • marketing your brand – getting the word out to the community and surrounding area about your group or organization to help grow awareness to your charity or the activities and services that you provide in the local region
  • encourage others to participate in your fundraising programs or become volunteers in your organization on a much larger scale, promoting and assisting in the activities of the group or organization year round
  • experience working with a professional organization on planning a fundraiser to gain insider knowledge on how to plan and promote successful fundraiser events in the future
  • the opportunity to raise more money with our fundraising programs and support from our team than they could have on their own

Get Started With Your Next Event
Your cause is very important to us at Fun Services. Our primary mission is to provide you with all of the tools and support you need to host successful fundraiser events. Give us a call at 1-800-333-2434 or visit our website to use our State Selector tool and find a local owner and operator affiliate in your area.

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