Tips for Organizing Company Picnics & Office Holiday Parties

event-planning-programsOne of the best ways to boost morale and get your office staff working together as a team, is to plan a custom company event. Parties, gatherings and all around fun programs, can help even the most disconnected group of employees start working together as a team. Building relationships at the office is important, so don’t just throw something cheap together and think that it will do the trick. Consider working with the event planning services at Fun Services, to provide your staff with an exciting experience.

How Does It Work?
Since 1968, Fun Services has helped companies, groups and other organizations to plan events and throw fundraisers that are designed to inspire, create positive energy and generate enthusiasm. This can be an important key to the success of your employees. Having fun together at custom company picnics, holiday parties and special events, such as our Fun Fairs program, can break down barriers and help employees to communicate better with one another, or at least gain some insight into fellow co-workers are individuals.

Catering, supplies, amusements and entertainment can all be part of your custom event through our professional event planning services. From Carnival Games to Interactive Inflatables, Mechanical Rides to amazing food, your employees will be able to just really enjoy themselves at this special event. Give us a call at 1-800-333-2434 or use our website search program to find a local representative near you. Fun Services is a nation-wide company that is made up of local owner-operator affiliates who can help you achieve your goals with holiday parties, custom company picnics and special events with our programs.

Where to Host Your Event?
Once you choose the location of your event, you will be able to better plan things like the guest list and how much space you will have for entertainment, catering, games and rides. Our programs can be hosted indoors or outdoors, on a grassy lawn or in a parking lot – wherever you think would give you the greatest advantage and create the setting that you desire for your staff. Keep in mind traditional setting ideas for holiday parties versus custom company picnics and whether you are throwing a party or using this as a fundraising opportunity for charity with our Fun Fairs program.

Who Will You Invite?
Well of course you will be inviting your employees, but what about their spouses, friends and families? Some groups take the family invite approach, allowing employees to bring along kids, extended family or even close friends and significant others to the events as a way of further breaking down barriers and getting everyone involves. If you are doing a team building event, you may want to ensure that your event planning services only invites staff and hosts the event in-house for employees only. Who you will invite will depend on the goals of your event.

Choose Fun Activities
When you work with a representative from Fun Services in your local area, you can pick and choose what rides, games and activities you want included. If you are hosting custom company picnics, make sure the venue has space for picnic tables and other convenient eating locations. Choose from a wide variety of entertainment options as well to round out the day’s events for everyone involved.

Create a Raffle or Prize Giveaway Program
Everyone loves to get prizes. Including a raffle or prize giveaway program within your custom company picnics and holiday parties will get people excited about coming to your event – as long as you are giving away great prizes. Think about your employees and what they would like, from cash prizes to gift cards, toys to electronics – things that people want to win, not just a bunch of leftover “swag” from the corporate convention or the usual employee incentives. You can also use the raffle or prize giveaway as part of the Fun Fairs program to raise money for a charity or other organizational goal – ask us how!

Choose a Fun Theme for the Event
A typical theme for an event like this would be to have an old-fashioned carnival or circus type atmosphere. When you work with Fun Services, you can even hire acrobats, clowns, face painters and other professional entertainers to really sell your theme to your attendees. Other themes can also be employed, such as business-related themes, seasonal themes or, in the case of holiday parties, holiday themes. Start using the theme in the initial invitation and carry it all the way through the decorations, activities and prizes for the event.

Create a Cool and Memorable Experience
Your cause is very important to us at Fun Services. Our primary mission is to provide you with all of the tools and support you need to host successful fundraiser events. Give us a call at 1-800-333-2434 or visit our website to use our State Selector tool and find a local owner and operator affiliate in your area.

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